viernes, 31 de octubre de 2014

drawing with the figure of a woman

This fragment contains a drawing with the figure of a woman (Agave) in draped clothing, possibly also dancing. The figure faces to the left with its right arm bent at the elbow and its right hand placed near the figure's face.  The figure's left arm extends downward, with its left hand appearing to grasp the hair on the head of a second figure (Pentheus), whose body is undetectable.  The main figure also appears to be wearing something of a shawl or wrap of some sort, as the drawing shows what appear to be lines of material extending beyond the figure's torso and connecting at the figure's right and left arms. With the fragment oriented such that the bottom margin is at the feet of the main figure, the bottom and right margins appear to be broken or torn, with the left and top margins nearly intact or more regular in their preservation.

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