miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012

Pirámides.. blanco y negro

Abu Simbel en blanco y negro

Philae en Blanco y negro

Philae: The temple of Isis. The court with the colonnades seen from the pylon towards the south-west.
Béchard, H., before 1887 [Reproduced 1887.] (be032.jpg)

Karnak en blanco y negro


blanco y negro....

The excavators found Tel el Amarna to be in a particularly ruinous state, the result of erosion of the mud-brick walls and the re-use of stone blocks by later inhabitants

ataud de Akhenaton

                                Cairo.The Khalig al-Misri canal.
                               Béchard, H., before 1887 

                                       Friedrich Kock en el templo de Abu Simbel

Blick in die Sargkammer des Wesir und Kanzlers Kheti aus der 11. Dynastie. (TT311)