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Unfinished Stela to Amun-Re

Unfinished Stela to Amun-Re
Period:New Kingdom, RamessideDynasty:Dynasty 20Date:ca. 1184–1070 B.C.Geography:Probably from Upper Egypt, Thebes; From EgyptMedium:Limestone, paintDimensions:H. 42.5 cm (16 3/4 in)Credit Line:Rogers Fund, 1921Accession Number:21.2.6
This unfinished stela from the Valley of the Kings depicts the barque of Amun-Re carried in procession. Below is a hymn to the god, recited by the scribe Amennakht, his son Pentwere, and the chief carpenter, Amenemope. The god was believed to give oracles during such processions by influencing the movements of the priests carrying the barque shrine. the coronation inscription on a statue in Turin, Italy , seems to indicate that such an oracle took place when the pharaoh Haremhab ascended to the throne.

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