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The Tomb of Prince Montuherkhepeshef - KV19

The Tomb of Prince Montuherkhepeshef - KV19
Tomb KV19 of the Valley of the Kings dates from the end of Dynasty XX. This belongs to one of the sons of Ramesses IX, prince Montuherkhepeshef or Ramesses-Montuherkhepeshef ("Montu is above his powerful arm"), the prince and heir who died before he could reach the throne.
It was not originally intended for this burial, but initially planned for another prince, Ramesses-Setherkhepeshef, who would ascend to the throne under the name of Ramesses VIII; the tomb of this last has never been found.
The tomb was discovered in 1817 by Belzoni, and had an unspecified number of intrusive burials, probably dating up to Dynasty XXII. The prince's mummy has not been found.
KV19 is close to the end of a wadi of the east valley, clearly overhanging the base of the valley. It was dug in a rocky promontory situated between KV20 and KV43 (see gm-34). Oriented according to a north-east/south-west axis, the monument consists of a sloping approach to the entrance, followed of a sloping first corridor and, after another doorway, by the rough beginnings of a second corridor or chamber. The floor of this second corridor is pierced by a funerary shaft which was probably intended to received the prince's remains. Work in the tomb had then been abandoned.

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