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Ostracon, irregularly shaped. Sketch on one side in black and red, smudged. Fragment of a larger piece. It shows a seated woman, facing left. She is sitting on a bed, beside lies an infant, both of them coloured red. The woman is wearing a black wig with headband and a white and red ointment cone on top of it. In her right, outstretched hand is a white coloured bread, surrounded by ornamental leaves, coloured red. Mounted with metal pins on fabric.
Deir el Medina.
XVIII- XIX dynasty.
Lexikon der Ägyptologie, “Wochenlaube-Wöchnerin”

Peterson, B., Zeichnungen aus einer Totenstadt, MedMusB, No 7-8 (1973), 103, No 134, taf. 70

Ostracon, irregularly shaped, sketch on one side in black and red. It shows a woman, right facing, outlined in red, than black. The face is red, the long wig is black. A striped band is tied around the head. On top of the head is an ointment cone, outlined in black, and a detailed lotus flower. Above the woman are vertical, parallel black lines in between two horizontal, parallel red lines. Mounted with metal pins on fabric
XVIII-XID dinasty
Vandier d’Abbadie, J., Catalogue des ostraca figurés de Deir el Médineh (Nos. 2256 à 2722). Documents de fouilles publiés par les membres de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale du Caire, 2:2, Cairo 1937, no 2512

 SOURCE:   collections.smvk.se

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