viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

Amarna 4

A relief depicting Ahkenaten sacrificing a duck. 18th dynasty, reign of Akhenaten, circa 1353-1336 B.C. (middle to late reign). On display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A fragment of a relief. A span of horses waiting with their chariots. Such reliefs come from the temples and palaces at Akhenaten (Amarna), the capital of Egypt under Akhenaton, but after the destruction of the site were re-used as foundation blocks. Country of Origin: Egypt. Culture: Ancient Egyptian. Date/Period: 18th dynasty c.1352-1336 BC, Amarna period. Material/ Size: Limestone, H=23 cm W= 54cm. Credit Line: Werner Forman Archive/ Schimmel Collection, New York . Location: 72.

Amarna period head of a princess. Country of Origin:Egypt. Culture: Ancient Egyptian. Date/Period: New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, 1346 - 1332 BC. Place of Origin: Tell el-Amarna. Credit Line: Werner Forman Archive/Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Location: 76 

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