domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014

statuette of a woman

Statuette of a Woman, Late Period, Dynasty 26, reign of Necho II, ca. 610–595 b.c.
Silver; H. 9 1/2 in. (24 cm)
Theodore M. Davis Collection, Bequest of Theodore M. Davis, 1915 (30.8.93)
The cartouches of Necho II embossed on the upper arms, as well as the slight smile and heavy breast, date this nude figure to Dynasty 26. Her elongated limbs and bobbed wig, however, betray an interest in Old Kingdom art frequently noted in Dynasties 25 and 26. The woman is cast in solid silver, with her wig and jewelry made separately. Silver statuettes are extremely rare, and this figure was probably dedicated in a temple or placed in the tomb of a member of the royal family.
Met Museum.

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  1. una pieza rara pues el cuerpo desnudo casi no aparece en otros detalles del arte egypcio a menos que no sea de la epoca ptolemeica los griegos siendo mas franco en asuntos de sexualidad.