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Relief fragment with offering Thoth and two prisoners

Relief fragment with offering Thoth and two prisoners
The front side features an ibis-headed Thoth, raising his hands in adoration to the Abydene nome-symbol. Above his hands, an ichneumon(?) on a tray has been added. A kind of dwarf, baboon or even a child stands in front of Thoth, on a raised level. Thoth wears the Atef-crown and is dressed in a loin cloth. The Abydene sign is on the right. It consists of a pole with the sign as a base, supporting a square box with rounded top and crossed by diagonal lines. Two uraei and the feather-crown with sun-disk and another uraeus are on top. Four 'branches' are attached to the pole, from which two cartouches are suspended. The sign is held by a destroyed figure, whose arm and fist are preserved only. A palm has been added to the fist. There are three more lines of text written above and under this scene. The composition of the scene is characteristic of a temple relief. The tray, the small figure, the two cartouches, the palm of the hand, an a cross between Thoth and the nome-sign are in slightly less sunk relief, which suggests that they have been added later.
The slightly convex back side displays two crudely incised bald and naked prisoners, standing back to back and tied to a pole.
The rough surface of the stone is not very skilfully inscribed.

Inventory number APM 8139
Archaeological Site UNKNOWN
Category RELIEF
Technique LOW RELIEF
Height 40.3 cm
Width 24.7 cm
Depth 4.3 cm

(1) Osiris, lord of Ta-wr ("the oldest land").
(2) Thoth, twice great, lord of Hermopolis.

(3) Satisfy yourself as lord of ...(?)
(4) The Ennead (?),
(5) the [...]-nome.

Bibliography•W.M. van Haarlem (ed.), CAA Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam, Fasc. III, 1995, 36-38


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