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Wooden model of a granary with figures

Wooden model of a granary with figures

From Thebes, Egypt
Middle Kingdom, about 2000-1800 BC

Many tombs of junior officials, who were not able to afford tombs with elaborate decoration, have been found with models of various scenes. The models seem to have taken the place of the tomb decoration. However, models have also been found in more elaborate tombs; the best-known models are those of the chancellor Meketre (now in the Cairo Museum and New York), while King Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II was buried with many models, some of which are in The British Museum.

Models frequently show the production of bread and beer, and served as magical means of production for the real things should the offerings needed by the deceased fail.

This model is of a self-contained granary building. A man sits above the store, and was probably meant to be placed in the small shelter. He may be a supervisor or the owner. In the courtyard a woman kneads dough.

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