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Relief from the Funerary Chapel of Sehetepibre

Relief from the Funerary Chapel of Sehetepibre

Period: Middle Kingdom

Dynasty: Dynasty 13

Date: ca. 1802–1640 B.C.

Geography: From Egypt

Medium: Limestone

Dimensions: H. 30.5 cm (12 in.); W. 42.5 cm (16 3/4 in.); Th. 10.6 cm (4 3/16 in.)

Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1965

Accession Number: 65.120.1

The "overseer of troops" Sehetepibre, son of Satankhu was the owner of a commemorative chapel which housed two relief slabs in the collection (65.120.1, 65.120.2). On these slabs, he is seen seated at an offering table, but he and his family are also depicted as mummies.

Although Egyptian hieroglyphs could be written in either direction, the preference was right to left. Thus, the list of Sehetepibre's family begins on slab 65.120.2 and continues on this slab with (at right) Djehutihotep, son of Iti; Gifit ("the monkey"), daughter of Djedes; and Sehetepibre, son of Djedes. Although their exact relationship to Sehetepibre is not always clear, all of these individuals were probably members of his family.

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