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Tomb of Prince Montuherkhepeshef - KV19

the prince in front of Osiris (see is-30 and is-19)
Osiris wears the atef crown, combining the white crown of Upper Egypt between two colourful plumes. At the base of this, laying horizontal, are a pair of twisted rams horns. The presence of these and the red disk forma combined solar symbol. Around the white part of the crown is bound a long legth of red fabric, which hangs behind him down to the floor. This new image of Osiris was current from Dynasty XIX, when the theolo...gians made of Osiris the nocturnal form of the sun (Osiris is the ba (soul) of Re, and Re is the ba of Osiris). The god wears a very colourful and detailed tunic over his tight fitting white shroud. Over this he wears a necklace, the pendant is in the form of a shrine having in its detail a double horizon, with the solar disk between two hills. The artist also added on the tunic, above but behind the supporting ribbon, khepri the beetle scarab of rebirth, seen between wide open wings (see the necklace). With his two hands, Osiris grasps a large composite djed-was-ankh sceptre. Behind him, stands an 'imiut' fetish-symbol, comprised of a vase in which stands a pole, to which is attached an inflated animal skin.
Montuherkhepeshef is, as already mentioned, dressed slightly differently to the other scenes, wearing over his long flowing garment a large triangular front piece and on his feet he wears sandals with a hooked tip (see gm-54). Between the prince and the god is the table of offerings supported by a single pillar, either side of which are the two papyrus stems bound by spiralling bindweeds (see gm-93).

The Tomb of Prince Montuherkhepeshef - KV19

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