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Round-topped stela with 17 horizontal lines of incised cursive hieroglyphic text. Red pigment remains in most signs and in the single dividing-lines between each line of text. The monument appears complete, but the absence of the end of the text and of the lower parts of signs in the last line make it possible that the lower edge had been sawn off.
FORMULA Htp-di-nsw.t
Htp dj n(j)-sw.t js.t-jr.t nb(w) (A){b}bDw wp-wA.wt
nb(w) tA Dsr dj.f pr.t-r-xrw m tA
An offering given by the king (to) Osiris, lord of Abydos, (and) Wepwawet,
lord of the sacred land, that he may give invocation-offerings of bread,
of beer, of offerings /and/ victuals
of all good things on which the god lives, of cattle
of fowl, of all things, for the ka of the one revered before Imseti
jHjj, s-n-wsr.t, x(wj)-w(j)-sbk, jHjj, s-n-wsr.t
sA-wsr.t, rn.s-anx.w, Htp-mnTw,
n(j)-sw-mnTw, jn(j)-(j)t(w).f. UTTERANCE FOR BRINGING THE FERRY-BOAT.
May you awake in peace, Hr.f-HA.f, in peace, mA-HA.f, in
peace, ferryman of the sky, in peace, ferryman of Nut,
in peace, ferryman of the gods, in peace. JHjj has come
before you, that you may ferry him in this great ferry-boat
in which the gods are ferried. JHjj has come to its side as
the gods come to its side, jHjj has come to its flank as
the god comes to its flank. There is no complaint of the living against N, there is no com-
plaint of the dead against N, there is no complaint of fowl against N, there is no charge
of a bull against N. If you do not ferry - - -

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