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TT335 of the sculptor Nakhtamon

TT335 of the sculptor Nakhtamon
First noticeable is the small size of the character. Usually the recipient of the offering is at least the height of the officiating priest. His wig is unique, since a braid extends from it, which would normally extend behind the shoulder; this however, in accordance with the Ramesside idea, shows the third part of the wig, the one which would be hidden by the head .This process, commonplace for the women, is exceptional for the men and only here in Deir el-Medineh, for example at the tomb of Inerkhau, TT359 (Cherpion p 27-31). Another unusual fact: he wears around his hips a long red scarf (or sash) with black ends. This is knotted on the front of his long pleated kilt. But as usual, he tightly holds in his right hand a folded piece of cloth and in his left he holds a curved lotus stem, whose flower is in bloom and held to his nostrils, giving him the breath of life.
In front of him stands a calcite altar, around which winds a lotus flower. Placed on top of it are round breads, a cucumber, two baskets of fruits and a bouquet. The black grains which surround the offerings remain mysterious; maybe this a way to provide fumigation with grains of incense? Under the table, to the right, are two plant offerings, a branch of palm and a Roman lettuce (?).

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