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Iufenamun the mummy priest

Iufenamun the mummy priest
Iufenamun fact file
Mid-late 10th century BC, Third Intermediate period, Early 22nd Dynasty
Coffin made from
Yellow painted wood
Coffin dimensions
Length 180cm, depth 31cm
Coffin lid
The coffin comes with a lid which dates from the same period, but which belongs not to Iufenamun but to a priestess of Amun called Tjentwerethequa, now thought to be Iufenamun’s grandmother.
Museum reference
On display
Discoveries, Level 1, National Museum of Scotland
Did you know?
The royal pharaohs reburied by Iufenamun were rediscovered in 1881. The story is told in Egyptian director Shadi Abdel Salam’s 1969 film Al-Mumiyaor The Night of the Counting Years.
Who was Iufenamun?
The prestigious titles, along with the high quality of the embalming and coffin base, imply that Iufenamun was a man of considerable importance. But who was he?
His titles suggest that he was a senior priest of Amun-Ra (Iufenamun means “he belongs to Amun”), and that he had many wide-ranging duties, including responsibility for the necropolis, or burial ground.
This means that this mummy could well be Iufenamun, son of Nesypaqashuty. This is an exciting discovery, as this Iufenamun was a significant figure in Egyptian history.

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