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Head of a woman (sculptor's model)

Head of a woman (sculptor's model)
This nearly square, flat piece of white limestone has been carved in raised relief, showing a woman's head facing left. The lady is represented with a large wig, of which the tresses and braids have been rendered with great precision and regularity. Upon her forehead is a decorated band and on top of her head is a lotus in full bloom. The edge of the wig is marked by a braid, and an earring shaped as a disk appears from underneath it. The delicate profile shows a nose with a slight curve and a slightly protruding lower lip. The eye and brow are marked by raised lines of eye-paint in the Egyptian fashion. The incised line between the eye and the brow is a remarkable feature. Below the eye is a series of vertical lines which have been flatly incised in an irregular manner. Presumably, this playful addition was added at a later date inspired by the hieroglyph of the tearing eye. The front of the neck is marked by three stylized parallel horizontal folds. The upper right corner has the remains of a border in the form of a small raised edge.
Inventory number 73
Archaeological Site UNKNOWN
Technique HEWN
Height 22.6 cm
Width 25.6 cm
Depth 4.4 cm
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