viernes, 24 de marzo de 2017

tomb 25 Ay

The inner part of this wall (that which would not be covered by the open door) is taken up with thirteen long columns of text. As on the opposite wall, there is a representation of kneeling figures of Ay and Tiy adoring Aten .
They give a good example of the Amarna style, modelled in soft accentuated curves. The faces are rather badly preserved, but the elegance of the figures is noticeable : the play with the transparency of the dress; the collars, bracelets and braided hair, are all detailed with precision.
Located in the southern group of tombs, the tomb of Ay bears the number 25. It was discovered in 1883 by Hay, filled with a great deal of broken pottery and later burials. It was only cleared entirely, ten years later, in 1893.

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