jueves, 2 de abril de 2015

The tomb of Merefnebef

The scene of hunting birds takes place in a setting of 1.48m wide by 1.18m high. It is remarkable for the miraculous preservation of its many colours, which gives an idea of the brilliant lustre which the whole room must have had originally.
Another interesting point : the scene presents grey-black retouching, notably behind the head of Merefnebef, in addition to the modifications brought to the scene of fishing which is situated further to the right, the significance of which will be returned to later.

The scene can be subdivided into three : at the centre, Merefnebef on his boat; in front of him, the marsh; behind him, the porters of offerings
 The tomb of Merefnebef was discovered in 1997 on the site of Saqqara, by a team from The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the Warsaw University, controlled by Prof. Karol Myśliwiec. The discovery followed two years of location work on the terrain, notably geophysical, followed by surveys.


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