miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015


Object types
vessel (?) (all objects)
glazed composition (scope note | all objects)
glazed (scope note | all objects)
Place (findspot)
Found/Acquired Naukratis (scope note | all objects)
(Africa,Egypt,Lower Egypt,Nile Delta,Naukratis)
Archaic Greek (?) (scope note | all objects)

Fragment of the wall of a turquoise blue glazed composition semi-circular, vessel (?) with ridged upper surface, two concentric ridges running round it, exterior heavily fluted. Thickly glazed on both upper surface, and outer fluted surface. Inner surface only partially glazed, while bottom surface is not glazed at all. Glaze is thick greenish blue, with mottled effect. Turquoise green glaze with streaks of a more blue colour. Core cream cream smooth, hard texture. Mottled effect in both glaze surface and core.

Height: 3.5 centimetres
Width: 5.2 centimetres
Depth: 2.25 centimetres (across from outer circumference at bottom of flute to inner curve)
Depth: 2.3 centimetres (across from outer circumference at top of flute to inner curve)
Depth: 1.2 centimetres (at base from outer circumference to inner curve)

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