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Book of the Dead of Men...; sheet 1; black outline vignettes; Hieratic text in red and black; illustrates funerary jewellery presecribed by Chapters 156-9 of the 'Book of the Dead': a Girdle tie of Isis, a vulture, a collar and a papyrus column.
© The Trustees of the British Museum
Mosher, Catalogue of the Books of the Dead in the BM: The Papyrus of Hor, (2001), p.26 n.145, p.58 n.19, p.59 n.22, p.79 n.2&9&11, p.84 n.2&19.
Bierbrier (ed.), Papyrus: structure and usage (BM OP 60), p.15 plate c--comment on stainingSee S. Quirke, 'The Last Books of the Dead?' in W. V. Davies (ed), Studies in Egyptian Antiquities: A Tribute to T. G. H. James (BM
Papyrus Survey: Condition Details: Papyrus: dark, loss, brittle, stained, deposit Black ink Red ink Backed: brown paper Transferred to horizontal storage 30 dec 94 Mount Details: Sandwich: glass (warped) Sandwich: board Binding: leather (deteriorated) Object Priority: B Mount Priority: B Overall Condition: E Curatorial condition comment: poor

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