viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015


This scene occupies the middle part of this area of the wall.
So, Paheri and his wife Henut-er-neheh, who closely embrace, are represented in pseudo perspective, seated under a light canopy (see rb-0868). The nomarch holds in his hands the two instruments of his power: the staff and the sekhem-scepter. Henut-er-neheh holds in her hand an open lotus flower, symbol of rebirth.
It represents a scene of presentation, rather similar to a presentation of tribute to the king, whic...h shows Paheri, to whom six, arranged on two registers, bring all sorts of food and drinks.
This is done in the presence of the parents of Henut-er-neheh : her father, her mother, and her son " the officer of his Majesty, Teti " (see rb-0860-01). Two women placed in front of them get them ointments and what could be cones of ointment to place on the head. One among them, Khnemet, is " musician of Nekhbet ". Behind these three main characters, eight other sons and daughters are represented. They are now almost obliterated

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