lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

Magical Stela

Magical Stela
This limestone monument belongs to the specific category of stelae representing Horus as conqueror of evil powers. Known from the New Kingdom onwards, the stelae were supposed to provide magical protection against crocodiles, serpents and scorpions. The front shows Horus as a naked child, the feet placed on two crocodiles and holding several savage beasts in his hands. Above his head a grotesque mask reproducing the face of the protector god Bes can be seen. The... rear and the two sides carry a long hieroglyphic inscription composed of prophylatic formulae and invocations. The text informs us also that the owner of the stela practiced the role of "priest of Osiris, lord of Rosetau" and that he was the "great leader of the Libiyans", an uncommon title. Even if the reading of his name remains uncertain, all the internal criteria allow us to date the example from Brussels to the 3rd Intermediate Period.
Inventory number E.8660

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