lunes, 20 de junio de 2016

The London Medical Papyrus

The London Medical Papyrus
London Medical Papyrus; sheet 3; group of small fragments with traces of hieratic medical text recto and verso.
A-Skin Complaints, Incantations 1-21
B-Eye Complaints, Incantations 22-24
C-Bleeding, Incantations 25-33 (principally incantations against miscarriage)
Length: 18 centimetres (frame)
Width: 16.5 centimetres (frame
Bardinet, RdE 39, p. 24-25.
Leitz C, 1999, Magical and Medical Papyri of NK, BMP 1999.
See Redford, Rivisto del instituo de historia antigua oriental 12/13 2005-6 – 149f
British Museum

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