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Ahmose ans Ipy, his wife

The present el-Kab corresponds to the ancient city of Nekhen, once very important city, the powerful capital of the 3rd nome of Upper Egypt.
To the north-east of the city is a sandstone hill filled with tombs which essentially date from the beginning of the XVIIIth Dynasty All these tombs are fronted by a common terrace .
Chapel N°5 of Ahmose - Son of Ibana is famous for its autobiographic text which tells the military campaigns in which the deceased participated, but the monument was never the object of a complete publication.
The chapel was created, according to its texts, by the deceased's grandson, Paheri, to celebrate this famous ancestor - and the lineage from which he was himself the descendant.
Ahmose has not been buried here: there is only one funeral shaft, dug in an annexe, and it was created after his death. Paheri, himself, has his own burial close by.
Ahmose ans Ipy, his wife

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