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p. esfinges.Karnak 
                            Temple-remains at Elephantine. Bonomi MSS. folder F.4.

                         A fragment of the sarcophagus of King Ay. Bonomi MSS. folder D.
                                          kiosko de Trajano. Philé

An architectural drawing, a colonnade, perhaps at Qurna. Bonomi MSS. folder D.4.

 Joseph Bonomi (1796-1878) was a draughtsman and traveller who worked in Egypt with some of the best-known scholars of the first half of the 19th century, such as Robert Hay, James Burton, E.W. Lane, Sir John Gardner Wilkinson, and Ippolito Rosellini. He was a member of Richard Lepsius's expedition in 1842-4. He was appointed Curator of Sir John Soane's Museum in 1861.
source: griffith

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