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Mummy portrait of a woman

Mummy portrait of a woman
The portrait represents a woman or a girl with very large eyes, long lashes and connecting eyebrows. She has a flat nose and a small mouth with full lips. The hair is arranged in short curls across the forehead. In the ears are earrings with pendants in the shape of a bunch of grapes.
Present location ALLARD PIERSON MUSEUM [06/002] AMSTERDAM ...
Inventory number APM 8133

Archaeological Site UNKNOWN
Material LINEN
Technique PAINTED
Diameter 14 cm
Bibliography•W.M. van Haarlem, R.A. Lunsingh Scheurleer, Gids voor de afdeling Egypte, Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam, 1986, 50-51 (nr. 2)
•W.M. van Haarlem, CAA Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam, Fasc. IV, 1997, 136-137

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