martes, 30 de junio de 2015

TT341, the tomb of Nakhtamon

TT341, the tomb of Nakhtamon
This is identical in both wings, occupying a considerable height of the wall. It is composed of four elements:
• A representation of the goddess Hathor in the form of a feminine head seen in front view, executed quite well, with the ears of a cow. She wears a crown of feathers and rests on the hieroglyphic sign of "nb".
• Three khekeru: these are colourful stylised plant trusses bound together at the top. ...
• A representation of Anubis (see eh-29) in the form of a black jackal, a red ribbon around the neck, with his traditional flagellum seeming to come out of his back. Not quite as common, in front of him is a sekhem sceptre and a Hathoric Menat necklace. He reclines on a highly symbolic representation: usually he is found on the facade of the entry of a tomb, but here the artist combined it with the two mountains of the horizon of the akhet symbol . The deceased enters into his tomb as the sun sets on the western horizon or rises on the eastern one of the sky (the ancient uniquely identified two horizons).

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