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Paheri tomb, El Kab

Some gold mines existed in the desert to the East, and metal had to reach the Nile close to El Kab, therefore under the jurisdiction of Paheri.
The scene is located next to the one of the loading of grain into the boat. The leaders of the miners bring the gold, which they have extracted, for weighing. It is presents here in the form of rings (at the top) or in bags (below) which are weighed against weights in the shape of oxen. A knelt man supervises the indicator of the balance.
The text is very mutilated : " Receiving the gold from the leaders of the miners ... receiving what has been ordered ... by prince Paheri, whose is attentive without tiring, who does not fail in that which is entrusted to him ".
His brother Paheri also helps him here with the recording of weights.
A new scene of beating is represented, one of the intervening parties, probably having not delivered the expected quantities.

To right of these scenes, the functional vessel of Paheri is represented twice, proceding up and down the Nile.
The mast of the right-hand boat is folded (see rb-0848) and is shown moving to left being carried by the northbound current. The ship on the left has its sail expanded, indicating that it travels southwards (see rb-0847). In this boat the pilot holds his depth probe, whilst one of the sailors, leaning overboard, draws water. This scene had already been raised in the "Description of Egypt" (see image 52). Note should be made of the presence of the chariot of Paheri on the roof of the cabin abord both boats.

Paheri tomb, El Kab

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