jueves, 11 de junio de 2015

The tomb of Ankhtifi at Mo'alla

This is occupied by a parade of cows and donkeys (see cm-050). To the left stands a man (of which only remains some traces) who takes a calf by the forelegs with the intention to drag the herd into the water. There follows a group of cows, in which is probably the mother of the calf (see cm-042).
 After a significant gap of about one meter, three magnificent cows bring up the rear of the herd (see cm-041). The first is red with white spots; one can see under its neck five red "drops" which one doesn't know how to interpret. The second is white dotted with black (see cm-047); one can find under its neck five white drops, which, here also, is the dominant colour of the dress. The last cow is red; it doesn't present any special detail (see cm-048).

 From this place, the register becomes narrower, containing a parade of donkeys (see cm-049, cm-051 and cm-052). There is no one responsible of them; they are usually turned to the right.
The tomb of Ankhtifi at Mo'alla

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