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Shabti in the dress of the living

Shabti in the dress of the living
Instead of the usual appearance of a mummy, this shabti appears in a rich, pleated garment with a large wig. The hands are placed on the front of the apron, on the stiff triangular front piece which characterizes the dress of important men of the New Kingdom. As in the case of similar statues, this shabti has been placed against a back pillar with an inscription. Another inscription was written on the front of the apron. Unfortunately, these inscriptions were composed of pieces of inlay of a different material which are now lost. The eyes and brows were also done as inlays which must have given the face a very lifelike expression. These inlays were blue, as can still be made out from the traces which remain. The wig and beard were painted black.
Inventory number 1338
Archaeological Site UNKNOWN
Category SHABTI
Technique CARVED
Height 19.6 cm
Width 7.1 cm
Depth 4.2 cm
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