viernes, 6 de marzo de 2015

Ay KV23

It is necessary to underline the unique character of the chosen themes: no other royal tomb (of the New Kingdom) contains a hunting scene and fishing in the swamps which, in this time period, existed only in the tombs of private individuals.
For a long time described as "terrestrial pleasures which the deceased wished to perpetuate", which is probably partially true, these scenes are now well known for their characteristic and symbollistic portraying of warding off evil, as already seen in numerous other tombs of the private domain. They are appropriate to the rebirth, and possess a strong sexual dimension. This is probably why there are only two representations of queen Tiy here, with only part of her titles remaining intact: "the Great Royal Wife, his beloved, the Lady of the Two Lands [Tiy], living" and "the heiress, great of praises, the Lady of the Two Lands, [Tiy], living". The queen has two tall feathers on her head and an uraeus on her forehead. In front of her can be seen, multicoloured, the remains of a symbollic whip of the queens of this period, which she holds in front of her chest


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