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El Fayum, portraits

 A portrait from the late 1st century CE. Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.
 Depiction of a woman with a ringlet hairstyle, an orange chiton with black bands and rod-shaped earrings. Royal Museum of Scotland.
Greek man. British Museum

 Man with sword belt, British Museum.
 he single specimen of Gayet's mummy portraits from Antinoopolis for which information on its archaeological context is available. The heavily gilt portrait was found in winter 1905/06 and sold to Berlin in 1907. Berlin, Egyptian Museum.
Portrait of a man, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Faiyum mummy portrait of a young man. Antikensammlungen Munich

 Portrait of bearded man Edinburgh, MoS 1911.210.1, Royal Museum of Scotland

The plaited hairstyle of this elite woman makes it possible to date this painting to the reign of Trajan (98 - 117 CE). Walters Art Museum, Baltimore

 Detail of a portrait within its mummy wrappings, Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was discovered by Flinders Petrie in a burial chamber in 1911.
Depiction of a woman with curly hair, wearing a violet chiton and cloak and pendant earrings. British Museum

  Retrato de mujer joven, tercera c.  Louvre
 Portrait of a young boy, early 3rd century, Antikensammlung Berlin

Portrait of a young man, Pushkin Museum.

Portrait of a woman, on display at the Museo Egizio

Portrait of a woman, Louvre

Portrait of a man holding a plant, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Dijon

Portrait of a boy, identified by inscription as Eutyches, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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