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Scarab Inscribed with the Name Neferure

Scarab Inscribed with the Name Neferure

Period: New Kingdom
Dynasty: Dynasty 18
Date: ca. 1550–1500 B.C.
Geography: From Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, below the Tomb of Senenmut (TT 71), third finger of left hand, anonymous burial 1, MMA excavations, 1930–31
Medium: Faience
Dimensions: L. 1.8 cm (11/16 in)
Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1931
Accession Number: 31.3.97
 This ring was found on the finger of an unknown woman who was buried on the hillside below the tomb of Senenmut (TT 71). The scarab is incised with the name of Hatshepsut's daughter Neferure, who is given the title "God's Wife."
M;et Museum


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