viernes, 6 de marzo de 2015

The Tomb of Prince Montuherkhepeshef - KV19

 The Tomb of Prince Montuherkhepeshef - KV19

Here is yet another child of Horus (this one is not to be confused with the god of the Nile, the flood and fertility). He is represented in his classical image, with the head of baboon (see is-11). He, like the previous two, is dressed in a golden knee-length tunic, arm bands and necklace, although the necklace would appear to made mainly of silver, unless the artist didn't complete the colouring of the rings. Also, like the two previous, he also holds in one hand a was-sceptre and a cross of life in the other.
The prince holds nothing in his hands but holds them in homage to the god in front of him.

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