jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Ilustraciones en libros antiguos

   preparado de aves


                                    From the temple in Berenice [Baranis]; 2. Stations for the caravans? ; 3. Plan of the temple on the road to Berenice;... (1820)

 From the tombs of the kings at Thebes, discovered by G. Belzoni. (Pl. 13)
. From the Great temple of Ybsambul [Abu Sunbul... (1820)

 Egyptian arch in Thebes; No. 2. Egyptian arch in Thebes; [No. 3. Animal mummies]: 1.Ibis, 2. Ape, 3. Fox, 4. Cat,... (1820)

"Entrance to one of the Royal Tombs at Thebes"

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