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The tomb of Ankhtifi at Mo'alla

 The tomb of Ankhtifi at Mo'alla

It seems possible to identify four sons.
Ideni (or Idy) is designated as "his beloved son, the first of the prefecture of the Rural in its entirety". The third son of Ankhtifi, Sobekhotep bears the title of "first of the prefecture of the Rural". He should however have a lower status to Ideni because it is not a specified nome "in its entirety". The eldest son is probably the character who carries an oar on his shoulder during the ritual of the navigation of Hemen. The man touching the staff of Ankhtifi is another son (see cd-15).
These iconographic considerations overlap with the archaeological elements; on the same level as the tomb of Ankhtifi are found, further north, four other tombs which would be those of his sons (there is however no consensus on this point) (see cm-001). These burials, very visible from the valley (see cm-002) gave a status to the entire family. One may think that Ankhtifi had the desire to establish a real dynasty, a futile attempt since there is no knowledge of a successor being, like him, virtually independent.

His two daughters are represented without being named in the scene of harpoon fishing. In the scene of the funeral meal, the name, today in a gap, of one of them is "his beloved daughter Ahka(u) or Abih(u)". The other girl is called Nebi, as was his mother


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