lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015

Djehutyhotep's sister

Fragment of painted limestone tomb-relief: the woman is Djehutyhotep's sister, whose name is lost. The woman stands in the typical female pose, with her arms at her sides. The backs of both open hands are shown with their thumbs to the back, a "polite" but wholly impossible pose. Her farther foot is slightly advanced, presumably so that one can see that it really is there. Around her long wig she wears a diadem knotted at the back, with streamer. Her jewellery comprises a broad collar and matching bracelets and anklets. The straps of her long white linen shift would actually have covered the breasts, which appear exposed purely through artistic convention. Her flesh was originally yellow. She has a very slim waist, ample breat and overlong arms. Through the arch of the near foot one can see the heel of its identical pair.

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British Museum

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