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Statue of the Nurse Sitsnefru

Statue of the Nurse Sitsnefru
Period: Middle Kingdom
Dynasty: Dynasty 12
Date: ca. 1900 B.C.
Geography: From Turkey, Anatolia, Adana
Medium: Gabbro or diabase, paint
Dimensions: H. 38.6 cm (15 3/16 in.); W. 20.7 cm (8 1/8 in.); D. 26.5 cm (10 7/16 in.)
During the Old Kingdom, women were often depicted seated in this position at the feet of their husbands; now the same attitude has been elevated to a statuary pose in its own right. In the Middle Kingdom, many small statuettes were created of anonymous nursing women, but here Sitsnefru’s name is inscribed on a statue of considerable size and presence. She was surely attached to an elite, perhaps even royal, household.
Met Museum

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