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Figure of a Girl Holding a Drum

Figure of a Girl Holding a Drum
The barrel-shaped drum may have been introduced to Egypt from the south. Egyptian images often show such drums being played by Nubian or Sudanese soldiers in Egyptian employ. In images dating to before Dynasty XXV (circa 775–653 B.C.), the drummers are always men. This rare three-dimensional image of a female drummer could thus be as early as Dynasty XXV, when women drummers first appeared in reliefs. However, it also has some stylistic with reliefs of the fourth century B.C.
•Place Made: Egypt
DATES ca. 712-305 B.C.E.
DYNASTY XXVI Dynasty to XXXI Dynasty
PERIOD Third Intermediate Period-Macedonian Period
DIMENSIONS Height: 1 13/16 in. (4.6 cm)
Brooklyn Museum

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