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These images are very interesting, because they can also be found in Abydos, in the Osirian rooms of the temple of Sethy I (19th Dynasty)
Here, and on the opposite wall, the images describe the different stages of the Osirian rebirth. Osiris is lying down but is also already standing up. The deceased is of course assimilated with the Great God.
Beneath his reclining body, can be seen the funerary furniture, the white crown of the royalty of Upper Egypt, the Atef crown more specific to Osiris, bows, clubs, a kilt, etc.
The bier or bed is even in the form of feline, of which the head, paws and tail can be seen. The whole thing stands on a dais, and the yellow paint used for the decoration assimilates well the place of the "golden room" which, in a tomb, represents the chamber where the sarcophagus is located.
This type of representation can be found later in the Osirian chapels on the roof of the temple at Dendera. This catafalque is in fact closer to the "divine pavilion" of the Osirian chapel n°3 at Dendera, which was the ancient "tent of purification" which proceeded the mummification.
Above of the catafalque are 16 small unobtrusive columns of text, the hieroglyphs only surviving in the form of their white "negatives".


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