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Fragment of a plaque

Fragment of a plaque
This fragment of a plaque belongs to a group of similar objects which were found during the excavations of W. F. Petrie at Serabit el-Khadim in 1905-1906. Made in blue or green faience, the plaque represents a cat seated on a small socle looking towards the right. There are two sorts of cat: the first group depicts cats of which the head is round and the ears small; the second group is distinguished by a small elongated head and larger ears. Five pieces c...arry royal cartouches, two of Hatshepsut and three of Thuthmosis III. The fragment represented here belongs to the second group and dates without any doubt from the 18th Dynasty. The plaques probably represent the statue of the goddess Hathor "Lady of Mefkat", in the form of a cat.

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