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Queen Qalhata

Queen Qalhata was the sister and wife of the Pharaoh Shabaka, and the mother of Tanutamen, whose tomb has been described above.
Her tomb, numbered KU 5 is, together with that of her son, the best preserved of the necropolis. It is also very similar in decoration.
The surface pyramid must have covered a surface of about 7 square metres (Lepsius 21 - P&M 5), of which only the base remains.

In the same way, nothing remains of the surrounding wall and chapel, which was not preceded by a pylon (see plan).
This tomb conforms to the traditional plan of the tombs of el-Kurru, including having two chambers, with the respective measurements 2.75 x 2.75m and 5.20 x 3.40m (KMT 2003). The descents lead to a small level area preceding an arched entry.
The first room has an almost flat ceiling and walls which were firstly stuccoed then painted. The second room, separated from the first by two steps, has a flattened vaulted ceiling. Off-centred southwards, is a pedestal which must have received a sarcophagus (not found).
The tomb is covered today by a double modern roof designed to protect the buried structures

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