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Double Statue of Nimaatsed

Double Statue of Nimaatsed
Nimaatsed was a priest of Re and Hathor in the solar temple of Neferirkare. He also served as a judge and priest at the pyramids of Neferirkare, Neferefre, and Niuserre.
The statues share one base and are nearly identical but differ slightly in height. His hands are by his sides and he holds the two small rods of dignity. On his head he wears a short, large wig that leaves his ears uncovered. ...
His eyelids, eyebrows, and fine mustache are painted in black. His neck is decorated with a beautiful multicolored necklace and his body is the reddish-brown color that was commonly used for male statues. He wears a short white kilt with a yellow pleated extremity.

In Egyptian tombs, it was common to find double or triple statues of the owner. They perhaps showed the deceased at different ages or represented him with his Ka. That would enable him have more offerings and prayers in the afterlife.
Inventory number CG 133

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