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Kheruef tomb TT192

Kheruef tomb TT192

 These are finely carved reliefs from the tomb of Kheruef (TT192) His tomb is the largest such private tomb to be located on the West Bank at Luxor. Kheruef served as a royal scribe and first herald to Amenhotep III and later as a steward for Amenhotep III's great royal wife, Tiye. His tomb was decorated between the final years of Amenhotep III and the beginning of the reign of Akhenaten although it was never finished.

The royal couple, accompanied by the goddess Hathor, are under a richly decorated marquee, surmounted of a frieze of uraei .The structure is supported by delicately slim lotusform and papyriform columns. It should be noted that the queen stands behind the seated king and Hathor
source:osirisnet. net
Kheruef tomb TT192

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