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Standing Group Statue of Khaemwas and Manana

Standing Group Statue of Khaemwas and Manana
This statue of the couple Khaemwas and Manana demonstrates high-quality workmanship that is visible in the beauty of the lady's face and the careful details of their clothing.
The man wears a long wig with wavy locks that is set off in front with a step-like pattern of curls.
His clothing consists of a tunic with short sleeves, tied at the neck, and a loose skirt. The skirt is held at the waist by a long plaited sash, the fringed edge of which hangs down in front. The cartouches of the reigning king, Amenhotep the Third, are carved on his chest and arm.
The woman's graceful figure is adorned with an extravagant wig of inverted V-shaped curls, tied by a lotus crown and large band. A Usekh collar, which is made up of several rows of beads, and two rosettes cover her front.
She wears a long, tight-fitting gown. A pleated shawl hangs on her shoulders. She wears large bracelets on her wrists. In her left hand she holds the Menat collar, a necklace and symbol of Hathor with a special counterweight that served as a rattle.
The names and titles of the couple are written on the base and back pillars. An offering formula runs around the limestone base.
Inventory number: JE 87911.A,B

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