martes, 23 de febrero de 2016


Mummy dating from the Greco-Roman period, from Thebes, belonging to the so-called "Marquess Busca's mummy" in the Egyptian Museum in the Castello sforzesco in Milan, Italy. This is a pastiche/hoax created at the beginning of 19th century by Egyptian clandestine atnique dealers for roma marquess Carlo Busca. They created a "compete" sarcophagus by using the cover of the sarcophagus once beloged to a Pa-di-Khonsu (XX/XXIV dinasty, 9th century BC), the sarcophagus once beloged to a Di-Hor-Khapet (XXV/XXVII dinasty, 7th/6th century BC), a mummy from the Greco-Roman period, and the papyrus scroll of a Book of the Dead by scribe Pthames (15th century BC). - Picture by Giovanni Dall'Orto

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