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Mastaba D64 : the decorated areas belonging to Akhethotep

From the point of view of the ka, the false door which forms the west wall of the chamber was the entrance to this, the reception room of his eternal house. Originally, this must have been a magnificent monument, and a great deal of impious energy must have been expended on its mutilation, just to use it as a ready source of building material. The form of the false door is : a central inset section, originally painted to resemble planks of wood, with three door jambs on eithe...r side. On each side, these are set back from each other, the outermost being almost as deeply set as the central door. The outer jambs are edged by vertical half-rounded narrow columns.
At the base of the false door is a simple low offering table, for the placement of cult offerings, cut from the same stone used for the lower part of the wall.

The inscription on the jambs end with the name and a standing figure of the deceased and are identical on both sides. The inscriptions are of the usual formula :
"May the king and Anubis grant an invocation offerings of bread and beer to him in the necropolis as daily rations every day."
"(May Anubis, lord of the) sacred land grant his burial in the necropolis, and a very happy old age as to one who is deserving."
"(May Osiris, lord of) Busiris grant his burial in the necropolis city in the western desert."
Akhethotep is described here as "deserving before the great god (Osiris)."
The colours of the stela false door, which were without doubt numerous and often vivid, have deteriorated with exposure.
Mastaba D64 : the decorated areas belonging to Akhethotep
Mastaba D64 : the decorated areas belonging to Akhethotep

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