martes, 8 de marzo de 2016

TOMB 340


Kneeling in front of a table, only dressed in a short loincloth, he raises his hands in a sign of worship, inviting the divinities to accept his offering. The tables of offering are here identical: a tray of alabaster and central green coloured foot and will differ in the remainder of the tomb only by some of the commodities that they hold. Here, there are four breads (two round and two oval) decorated with sesame seeds, a basket of grapes, of a cluster of grapes..., a courgette, on top of a leg of beef, a heart and ribs of beef, as well as a thick bundle of onions.
It is necessary to imagine it all spread on the table, but the commodities have been "pilled" so that none are lost from view, according to the principle mentioned above.
Under the table, two red ochre vases placed on a support and around which the stem of a lotus bud is entwined and whose content is unknown.

TOMB 340 was discovered by Bernard Bruyère in 1925. It is a tiny vault located below a courtyard and which one reaches by some steps.
It is possibly one of the oldest tombs of a craftsman from Deir el-Medina, dating from the very beginning of the 18th Dynasty. This makes it unprecedented for this time.

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