martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

Sennedjem . TT1

This measures 1m long with a height of 42cm. At the top of the decorated surface is a blue hieroglyph for the "sky". Below this, decorated in an expanse of colour, is a representation of the solar barque of "Atum, who rests in the mountain of the west", travelling from east to west on a shorter blue "sky" hieroglyph (but which can here also be representative of the underground Nile). The barque and its passenger are adored from in front of the prow and behind the stern by standing images of Sennedjem.
At the front of the barque squats the Horus–child (known to the Greeks as the Harpocrate), with a finger to its mouth. A frog, symbol of eternity, is placed under the prow at the level of the water. The mummiformed god Atum, wearing the pschent (or double crown of Egypt), faces left and holds the sign of life on his knee. In front of him, stands the shemset symbol meaning "followers" (Gardiner T18) and behind him, close to the two oar-rudders, is a representation of the primitive Lower Egypt sanctuary of Buto, with a rounded roof
Sennedjem . TT1

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