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Standing figure of Nenju

Standing figure of Nenju
The priest Nenju is shown bald-headed and dressed in an ankle-length garment which is tied at the chest. He is standing with his left leg forward in a striding position. His arms and hands are pendant to his body.
Present location PELIZAEUS-MUSEUM [04/030] HILDESHEIM ...
Inventory number 0084
Dating 13TH DYNASTY (not after); MIDDLE KINGDOM; 12TH DYNASTY (not before)
Archaeological Site UNKNOWN
Category STATUE
Material SLATE
Height 31.5 cm
Width 6.2 cm
Depth 13.4 cm

"[1] A royal favour: [2] a funerary offering consisting of bread, beer, oxen, and fowl, [3] for the ka of the wab-priest of (the god) Min, [4] Nenju, begotten by Inkaef."
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