jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015

Funerary Mask of a Lady

Funerary Mask of a Lady
The funerary mask represents a mixture of both the Egyptian and the Roman cultures. The Roman lady, who seems to have lived in the first century AD, is portrayed as a mummy.
The funeral mask takes the shape of Osirian coffins with a Roman front and depicts a part of both her arms and the chest.
The lady has placed her hands on her chest, holding ears of wheat in the left hand and a pinecone on the right, both of which are symbols of Dionysos. The lady was eager to adorn herself.
She is shown wearing a necklace, two bracelets on both wrists, and two unique rings with two different stones on each hand. All of her jewelry is gold plated and her nails are colored. Her chest is painted pink.
The face looks very beautiful with her large eyes, inlaid and furnished with a line of eyelashes, staring into endless space. The mouth is shown partly open with her thin lips colored light red.

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